Tanzania United Republic of's Meaning Of Life

My answer to the Meaning of Life
Meaning of life for so many centuries, has never had a single answer. This is because one can find the answer to this question depending on ones perceptive (negative or positive). Circumstances in life, the support of a family, relatives and friends or people around a person can make him/her see the meaning of life postively or negatively. For a person like me, who has been raised in Tanzania where my culture is in most part, the supportive type, even though we are not rich, but has made me see life has a meaning! This is because people around me support one another even if we are not immediate families. One needs not worry about his wedding or similar problem, becuase a family is there and so are relatives and friends! Its this way people have their dream weddings with less efforts! When one has people who are postive minded and supportive, one finds the meaning of life to be the best even if that person is not rich, but a person who never jad or has anyone to love him/her or love, can make that person to see life having no meaning at all! Therefore, we should make the best out of people, even just by a greeting or a smile. We do it a lot in Tanzania, even if we don't know the person, because the impact will have in that person will last him/her for a lifetime.