Switzerland's Meaning Of Life

Enjoy the small things
For me the meaning of life is to enjoy the small things that life gives me, like a sunny day in the garden.

When i take the time to sit on a garden bench, look around and see all the flowers blooming and the leafs of the trees and bushes that shoot. The smell of ppermint and lemon balm mixed with the smell of wild strawberries that makes you forget about things you don't have and dream about the things that could be.

So i try to give my life as much meaning as i can by giving the things that i like, more time and space, and appreciate the things i have more, than being sorry about the things i don't have. Because what is a life worth if you go after the things you never going to get and forget about the things that are already there. You just have to open your eyes and your heart to see them. One day you are going to leave this earth and you can't take anything with you except the love you gained and the only thing that will live on from you will be the love you gave.