Sri Lanka's Meaning Of Life

Living according to the balance in life
As we were born to this world, we have inherited such things like religion, race, motherland, languages and so on. Then we grow up and learn things, tackle problems, learn how to live with peace, harmony and encouraged to live as law abiding people. We call ourselves as intelligent creatures with respect to other living beings. Every other living beings, animals struggle for the sake of food, a place to stay. We see them eating, drinking, sleeping and making their generation and die. But is that what we call life? unlike other living beings we are living as a civilised community and self controlled in actions and mind. As I question myself what should I exactly fulfil within my life? I think the timeline in our life is short and unpredictable. Everything we inherit, acheive, have to be kept away and go someday but before that, chasing into wealth, domination of others is not everything. If I can live my life as a respected, law abiding and praised and appreciated by people and if my decisions which give me no regrets throughout my life is the sole consideration I gain. Although I won