South Africa's Meaning Of Life

My idea of Life
Meaning of life can be found in love. To love and be loved. To share a smile in the street, on a bus, at home, with an old couple on a bench in teh park, at school, at work or every other place one can think of. Life's wearing is in every minute well spent. Every minute with someone needing someone to just be there. Theres meaning in laughter and happiness, wearing in a tear over something worth while. Theres meaning in the beauty of nature.

The determination of ants gathering food. Birds flying south for winter, in perfect formation. Everybody being born. Every time a new born giraffe stands up on its own legs for the first time. We find meaning in the wonder of the world, the harmony of everything in our universe. Lifes meaing is apparent when your dog digs holes in the garden and you try to be mad at him, but through bursts of laughter you don't succeed. Life is truly wonderful!