Saudi Arabia's Meaning Of Life

We Born to help the Needy
I saw the light of this world on 15 October 2003 with a loud cry when i came out from my mothers womb. This cry has a big meaning, gives a promise to myself that I will be a good mannered human and be good to all in this world until I live.

To all means, whatever lives on the earth, human, animals, plants and all natures which are useful to the humankind?

But...., there are lots of buts and ifs and not's change the human to evil and cruel. We must fight the evil and should become a good human, with good qualities, good habits, good motives, kindness, and helping the needy once. The help can be small as a seed or it can be as big as a ship. But your intention should be good. All human dies once then he will be a history. Before that, within that short living period we must help the human in any form.

By helping an old woman to cross the road, or perhaps help an old lady to carry her belongings, Or donate a portion of your pocket money to a needy poor person.