Russian Federation's Meaning Of Life

The Power of Love
Every person in his or her life wondered at least once what the meaning of life could be. But actually it is not a secret and is already known for long. All the world religious teach people the main merits, like freedom, people's life etc. They convey the answer to the question why we live. And that is love. If to think it over it becomes clear.

Without love it is impossible to have a happy family and grow up children in a right way. A family is the base of any society. Without children we will not pass our genes and continue our life in the next generations. Love to god makes people better, what is usually reflected in their actions, thought and attitude to others. Without love we can't have true friends. Love to the nature helps us to realise its importance to respect and care about it. Therefore, love is important.

It is connected with the main spheres of our lives. Nothing can replace it, neither money nor sex nor anything else. Love is indeed the meaning of life.

Mutual Understanding
What is life? The certain answer isn't present, it is impossible to answer from the medical point of view, but it will be how to ask. That such love the short answer not to find. This concept philosophical, after all for somebody is more important work, to someone the family begins sense of life - it there is especially a private affair of everyone.

Life - it gift we live, than for any purpose. Each person himself decides the destiny and nobody will argue with it. Some consideration that the person has a destiny which is preordained also all will be how should be rather disputable, nothing gained. So that if to sit, hands there will be nothing, accordingly, our destiny is on hands. Criteria of life also different at everyone, for somebody money and glory. Some prefer all home life and without ay excesses. It is necessary to refuse silly opinions that someone the hero, and we are only mortals.

All great people are same, as well as we, but also they have chosen the way. Accordingly our life, it that we do, a way choice how to live and for what, depends on us. We choose destiny and if the meaning of the life is lost, it is necessary for finding a new. Initially meaning of the life - it to bear good and love. Present your love, attention. Your relatives. Like it ourselves. Simply we need to open eyes.

The Meaning of Life...
At various stages of life this question is asked by almost every individual. Has anyone found the answer yet?

You can say they have and you may be correct here because the meaning of life is certainly different. But there is one thing that unites us.. the purpose of our stay on this planet.

There is always a reason for everything. Just think about it. All we do is NOT in vain. Our actions bring something into this life. Our ideas, our discoveries, inventions, innovations... Our vacation is vital. We choose a certain life path for some reason. Many people believe in fate, so do I. People are where they should be and they do what is written in their destiny.

So why do we live? Quite a controversial question in fact. For some of us the reason is kids, for others - career; another human would confess its knowledge and self development.

But what about those who fail and lead their lives in the wrong way (criminals, cheaters, generally unkind people)?Well, balance!It certainly exists and clearly visible just like in wildlife. Unfair, you may think... My answer is - to keep it natural!

In conclusion, the meaning of life is to keep life! If we don't help one another, soon there will be nothing to take care of.

Love and Social Intercourse
There are a lot of difficult questions and this one is the most difficult. I am sure that there are many answers to it. This is mine.

A human being is a social creature, we can't live alone. We live for our families, we work among people and each day we commonicate with each other. We communicate with our relatives in order to help them and solve their problems. We communicate with our friends and co-workers to tell them our news and to know theirs. The other part of our life is love, as I think. Love has different types: love to our children, parents, relatives, pets, friends, etc. If we don't have love in our heart, we'll die. Where there is peace, there is love. If a man has love in his heart, his soul is filled with kindness, beauty and harmony.

So, my answer to the question is love and social intercourse is the meaning of life.