Reunion island's Meaning Of Life

Being what we are
I believe the meaning of life comes to us when we are just being what we are. It sounds so simple and its an evidence for most children. But nothing seems harder to achieve for the poor grown-ups we are! Just being! Not trying to be what we're not, not trying to fit to what is asked from us.

Taught from our young age to fit to the prescribed models for our society, we've lost ourselves in the process and forgot who we were.

Some of us will spend years trying to get back to this original self that they sense so pure. Perhaps that's even what our elders do when lock themselves in mutism.

The purity we discern in children could well be a reflection of our own. Don't ever think children know nothing and adults are here to give them all the answers... It could be just the reverse! Learn to be a child yourself. learn to love yourself, learn to love life and to love the others.... just as a young child does... And life will make sense!