Papua New Guinea's Meaning Of Life

My Answer to the Meaning of Life
Life is so precious and comprises of many different things such as the environment, family, friends etc...

Going back to God's creation of human beings in the book of Genesis:1:26 and Genesis:2:7 clearly tells us who actually the source of our life is. This wonderful life was from God and is so precious than any other thing this world can buy or offer. Life is given once and for all, once we were born into this world.

There are many unforeseen challenges ahead of us. life is not something we can misuse or play around with, but to keep it safe at all times. We have to take good care of it to the best of our ability in order to enjoy to the fullest. Life is a gift from God.

Life cannot exist on its own. The environment is a major contributing factor to our life. In one way or the other, there is always a give and take of something. Despite, the fact it plays a vital part in humans lives. It provides fresh oxygen, food, raw materials and natural resources to be used and consumed. The environment had to be taken care of in order to sustain a better life.

Having friends around can have a big impact to your life. Sometimes it can be good influence or bad influence. Always be wise of what actions to be taken for our own benefit. No man is an "Island of its own" We have to have friends or some one to learn from.

The origin of life comes back to the family. Mainly the parents. A successful life reflects the family background. Therefore family ties are very important, no matter what race you come from.

To conclude, life is vital, we have to take care of it. As we can see life is not independent it is dependent upon everything that surrounds it.