Niger's Meaning Of Life

Making Life Meaningful through Education
Education which is vital to the health, growth and development of one's personality begins the instant we are born, therefore it's through Education that Knowledge (sap needful for each of us to develop our good human qualities) and Information is received and spread throughout the world.

Moreover, Education expands a person's Knowledge of the world around him by helping him to understand his own life and lives of others.

An education man lives in room with all its windows open toward Wisdom, Peace and happiness, which are unequalled path of love friendship and contentment.

In contrast an uneducated person is closed to all, he is shut off from the outside world.

However, Education is not only the transmission of knowledge, it encompasses culture, development, human rights, democracy, the defense of regional culture and participation by the least privileged in creating a better quality of life, its the only way there is of making good delays, raising humanity to the level of technological and moral challenge facing it and building enlightened civilisation. Why Education? For many reasons, but they can be reduced to two: because it is necessary, because it is right, that is why.