New Zealand's Meaning Of Life

My Answer to the Meaning of Life
Figuring out the meaning of life is just an extension of figuring out what you're "supposed to do". Except that it can't be figured out. Humans have been trying forever and no one's succeeded yet. And teh reason no one's succeeded is that there isn't a meaning to life, other than the meaning you give it.

I don't believe in a higher power, a higher purpose, or life after death. Some people, maybe those who are too conditioned to the "supposed to" way of life, find this depressing.

One of the best skills you can develop is the ability to completely ignore what you're supposed to do, and do what you think is best. That's not to say taht these things don't overlap; you'd probably agree taht driving the way you're supposed to down a one-way street is a good idea. The idea isn't to be a contrarian, it's to disregard "supposed to" entirely.

So that's my advice to people looking for the meaning of life. Make your own meaning by doing what you think is best. Follow this advice and I doubt you'll have many regrets on your deathbed.