Netherlands's Meaning Of Life

My answer to the Meaning of Life
I think that life is a funworld. Firstly is Max in the attraction, then is liza, and then is Molly etc.. everybody one hour. And there are billions of fun world...

In our real life it means:

Everyone can in turn enjoy the world until they die. And everyone should have fun with each other, they should not fight or start a war. Everybody should be (Pen)Friends!!!

Meaning of life
That's an eternal, universal philosophical question. Basicaly I think it is to live in health and peace.

To be accepted the way you are and have freedom to think, say and do what you want as long as it doesn't harm or offend others. avoid negative emotions, reat others like you want to be treated yourself.

Tak e good care of yourself, you're important! Do things which brings you pleasure, enjoy yourself! Surrond yourself anf others with beauty and love.

Be conscious of the world around you, be carefull on this earthand minimize your carbon footprint.

And make a difference; do some unexpected favor, be there for others....or write that warm, meaningful letter to your Global Penfriend!

If every human being would consider this question in a positive way, we would live in a complete different world.