Malta's Meaning Of Life

Life as it Appears to a Musing Malt
Life is the lovely little things that brighten each day, seeing with the thrilled eyes of a child, and not expecting too much. Most Maltese are lucky enough to enjoy happiness within the family. Those special people, young and old, are the motors that keep them going through thick and thin, who love regardless of accomplishments or wealth. Trustworthy friends are a valuable part of life. Making new friends creates a great feeling - the connection human beings crave. But cultivating those friendships for many years is what makes them count. Malta is a small island where reaching out to the world becomes essential to personal development. Searching for a penfriend abroad actually provides that much-needed sense of adventure. Fascinating encounters, good literature and positive, striking movies inject life with doses of cheer like a Christmas cake receiving shots of brandy to make it richer. The best cakes are those that sit patiently between the delicious sips of spirit, long enough to be called mature. For many Maltese the essence of life goes beyond any material success. From my perspective, transcending all in giving life true meaning are a relationship with the Heavenly Father and His promise of an afterlife.