Malaysia's Meaning Of Life

What is the Meaning of Life
Life is giving unconditional love to all human beings - friends or foes - irrespective of their color or creed. It is also sharing your good fortune without any hope or expectation of anything in return. Life is also spreading the feelings of joy and seeing happiness on faces of the young and old. Also to encourage others to live and have the will and desire to go on living and thus face the challenges in life.

Life is to make another individual to believe in himself and not to fear any failure in life and also to keep on trying til one succeeds. It is just like extending a finger to a child learning to walk and seeing the joy and excitement on his face after a few initial wobbly steps. It is also to encourage the child to get up and walk again each time he falls.

Life is what we make of it. Be kind, speak well of others. Never judge another person so that you will not be judged. Forever remember - to err is human and to forgive most divine. Love life and you will experience the beauty of life.