Lithuania's Meaning Of Life

Life Through My Window
The question is spinning in my mind almost every single day because I am still looking for the answer. However, I can already say that life is really made from the little pieces, details. A happy smile, nice gesture or a warm word, received in a proper moment, can fill you up with joy for a long time. For me one of those warm words is Lithuania. Because living here I found a lot of tips how to look for the meaning of life. You have to enjoy your life, every moment of it and slowly savour it with pleasure in order to find the answer. If you are in a hurry to live, you will never feel the joy of life, the delight that you live, exist, mean something in this endless world. You are small but important. To somebody, Who loves you and misses you every time you are away, Family, Friends, People who supports you and helps you even if they are not near you and lives in the other side of the world. Knowing that you can make others happy, have the ability to live, explore, learn and change the world for me is the meaning of life.