Italy's Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life - A Reflection
What is the meaning of life? Really, I'm not so sure to be able to reply the question!

In this early morning and in my Italy where everyone is in a hurry and focused on his private life. I need to take my time for a reflection.

The meaning of life is the sun that rises and another day that starts. It's true consciousness that you are a part of this world and that there are people around you that need you and which you need.

The meaning of life is looking at my sons and being proud of them. It's leading them and taking care of them. Its my husband's hug and the feeling of being protected.

The meaning of life is contained in the little things most of them with no commercial value: glances, a handshake, a smile, a tear, a song sung loudly, a cat that purrs, a laugh with old friends in front of a glass of red wine, a letter from a far away friend inside your mailbox.

The meaning of life is what you decide it makes sense for you!