Hong Kong (S.A.R)'s Meaning Of Life

Many people in the world live for themselves and it is the meaning of life - Follow yourself! Nowadays, people seem to have lost the direction of life or just their lives for someone else. We can identify them as people do not know the meaning of life.

Since the meaning of life is centered around you, you live your life just following what your heart has to say. That is the real you, that is your gut! By following your heart, you chase your dreams. Knowing what you really want to acheive, you define yourself, your meaning of life.

Only when you are determined to excel yourself, and enjoying chasing your dreams, you live your life that you live your own meaning of life.

My Answer to the meaning of life.
Life is a longterm battle, which is composed of thousands of small battles. All of us have had to fight sice born: Breathe in our first mouth of fresh air. If we failed, we would soon die or become infected with serious disease because of this. After that, we need tostydy hard to compete with others for the entry of our dream universities. Then, we have to work hard to compte with colleagues for the promotion. Besides, we have to with rivals in love. Finally, we have to compete with ourselves in order that we couldhave a breakthrough in our lives. All in all, life is a story of breakthrough. The true meaning of life isthat we need to improve ourselves thorugh perseverance and thus, we can attain our goals.