Ghana's Meaning Of Life

Life is to love and care
The meaning of life constitutes a philisophical question concerning the purpose and significance of life or existence in general. There have been large numbers of theories to this question from many cultural background and idealogical since the question was asked. It touches many other issues such as happiness, comceptions of god, good and evil, ethics etc.

To me, life does not mean to just eat, drink and all that sorts of stuff, but to love and care because that gives meaning to our lives as do friendship.

But there is other side of life. There is cruelty of life, the pain, the evil not to talk of death. They are hidden tigers, ambushed and ready to attack the imprudent. So let us look toward the future, look to others for inspiration, say "hi" to people each day. They will eventually say "hi" to us. As this practise of love and care for others deepens, our lives become abundant with peace and love.

So to conclude it, simplify your life, do not hurt others and use common sense. Life is being free and making it what you want it to be. To help you find the ultimate gift... Love of God.

What is the meaning of life?
One would confidently say that, "We live ,simply beacause we have life". However, life is not just registering ones's existence among the living, it goes beyond that. Life hinges on how one carries one self about as far as living is concerned according to the following.

One may have success or failure in ones"s existence depending on one"s goals, and the ablility to meet such goals to the benefit of others.This is dependent upon the societal norms, theentrenched cultural practices, one's own principles or philosophy, and the environment in which one lives, or was brought up.

Again, life is about fulfillment. This does not come by as easily as one may guess. It calls for determination, endurance, brevity and patience; in the sence that , "life is war and full of troubles", which calls for the above traits or qualities.

Furthermore, life is about relationships. This is where one's effort or dent of hard work is complemented by the efforts of others in the society.No man is an island, to live to himself or for him self. Life therefore becomes meaningful when good relationship is the hallmark of the people.

Lastly, life has two end points, thus, the "beginning and the end". What goes onin one's existence in between these two end-pointsis what we may term as "life".This must be worth living; in the sence that, the end determines one's succes orfailure in one's existence on this earth.

I conclude by reiterating that, Life is how one makes it, but how one ends it is the mostimportant aspect.

Life is about risk
Life is about risk, it comprises with so many things which involves negative and positive challenges in human life. There are classes of humans which makes life to be known. these are some of teh challenges and risks involve in human life: 1) Peace 2) Love 3) Death 4) Joy or Happiness 5) Poverty. Peace is a situation or a period of time in which there in no war or violence in a country or a society. It makes life easy for people living in that country or society. Love is the strange feeling that god has given to humans to understand the relationship between him and mankind and also express the feelings between humanknd in a society. Death is an event which causes distruction to human life, these are some of teh examples of lifes activities that can cause human death: God given time for humankind, and also some activities of man that can cause death are: car accident, war and many more. Joy and happiness: lifes driving engine depends on joy and happiness whereby mankind feels comfortable in all aspects of life. Poverty: This is the situation in life where mankind lacks most valuable things in life which makes life very uncomfortable for human beings. These all comprises different levels of age from birth to death, enjoyment, physical mental and spiritual growth in life.

Meaning of Life in General
Life in General is an active condition that distinguishes plants, animals, humans and spirit beings from inanimate objects.

Physicalliving things generally have the capabilities of growth, metabolism, response to external stimuli and reproduction. Vegetation therefore has active life but not life as sense-possessing soul.

In earthly souls, animal and human there are both active life force to animate them and breath to sustain that life-force. In the holy bible acts 17:24,25 tells us things in it.... gives to all persons life and breath and all things for him we have life and move and exist. Life on the other hand refers to generally.. may be attributed to humans existence and ones personal life.