Germany's Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life
Life is about learning and experience. Its special. Everyone makes his own experiences his personality can grow with.

Life is marked by good times when everything just seems right and perfect but then there are hard times. You made a severe mistake or made a horrible experience that throws you back. You find it hard to get back to a happy life again. Then its good to have good friends in life that always stand behind you and can cheer you up. Life is about standing up and make a new start after you fell. Its about not giving up after failure but to put one step after another and keep going, to keep growing from experience.

Life is a progress that never stops and is always ready for change.

Breaking the Ice (Towards freedom)
Life is too diverse to have one meaning - it has many sides and faces, myriads of opportunities to enjoy and trials to overcome. There is one thing which allows us to see all the colours of life - this is freedom.

Yet there are many things which limit and strangle our freedom. How often do we face fear, hesitation, prejudice? Like ice they freeze our actions and put a short leash on our dreams. It is our choice whether to stay imprisoned or to break the ice and become free to pursue our goals. The heritage of humanity is a result of freedom of the mind: paintings, sculptures, great discoveries and innovations - these are products of inspiration free from fear.

Heinrich Boll, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein - these are great examples of people who were able to break the ice and thus change the world to the better. Anton Chekchov, a famous Russian writer once said that a man drop by drop squeezes a slave out of himself.

As a researcher I am involved in many projects in Germany and Russia - I believe that breaking the ice in people's minds is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding essence of life.

Meaning of life.
What's themeaning of life? Who knows it? Every one think so different things. Is our life nice or not? It must be good but we must make it beautiful even if there are bad moments. Life is like a long trip= full of different colours and shades that wemust discover every day a little blit more!