Gambia's Meaning Of Life

The Three Stages of Human Life
I believe that the meaning of life is centred on the human life in general. I would like to link the human life to the three important days in the world, which are Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

To know the real meaning of life, one has to make references to these crutial days in one's life. In the typical African background, especially in my country, The Gambia, every individual is brought up to know and bear in mind these 3 days. Yesterday reflects your infancy stage, Today reflects your adult stage and Tomorrow your old age stage.

All these stages are very important in a man's life to make life meaningful. The infancy stage (Yesterday) is where every individual in our society is groomed to be a good, well trained person in the society or left to be a spoilt individual. After being groomed by your parents, one can now take full control of his/her life and is prepared to face the challenges in life. I.e. teh Adult stage (Today), after having full control of one's life and be able to take decision of your own, you will be able to choose a positive or negative path which will surely have an impact on the meaning of your life.

Let's see how these stages work to make life meaningful or meaningless. Yesterday you were helped to grow and be somebody, today; you are in full control of your life and in a position to determine what your life would be tomorrow. if you choose the positive path in life you will live to enjoy life to the fullest and life will be meaningful whereas if you choose the negative path, you will live to regret life itself and life will be meaningless.

In conclusion, the meaning of life is what God destined and man made it to be; life can be meaningful or meaningless depends on how these three stages of life reflects on one's life.