Egypt's Meaning Of Life

What is Life
What's Life? Is it merely the time we spend between our birth and death? Or is it something beyond that? In the few next lines I'll discuss this issue hoping that spilling my thoughts on paper will help me learn more about the meaning of life.

I've often heard sayings such as "life's short" and "enjoy life while you can". Such quotes imply that life's the duration of our existence on earth. However, for ages, poets have written about how great people are immortal as long as they're remembered. This raises another question: Is a person's life a measure of how much he's acheived? Perhaps, but life may also be...

A certain "thing" that you can't experience unless you achieve a goal. So many are the times when we hear the words such as "life without freedom isn't a life". Does that mean that all slaves in the past did not actually live.

Life in the opinion of those i meet in my everyday life, is the time you spend doing something beneficial. This could be further generalised to be the opinion of the vast majority of Egyptians. After deep thinking, though, I've come to conclude that life is every second we do something we love in, every moment we feel content and satisfied in. Life's every advice we give, every friendship we make and most importantly, every lesson we learn. Take all those things and mix them in a blender; your final shake will be "lifeshake", as we may call it.