China's Meaning Of Life

Life is about To Experience
People came to this world and they leave. And it really doesn't matter if one man really once were there, we are mortals and we are insignificant. We can't change the universe but we could change teh little world that belongs to us, we could feed it., touch it, see it, smell it, experience it. Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but its very important that you do it. Life is long enough for most of us to experience enough, we could experience different roles and characters, thus on the very last day before we close our eyes for good. All those experiences would turn into memories rewind in front of us, and we could say this life was worthy living.

Life is a School
According to me, life is a school. We are in a protected environment. This reality is a metaphor for larger realities in which we are to eventually take part. While what we do here does not have permanent consequences, it is vital for our learning that we take it somewhat seriously. Just as school-work requires serious effort but isn't supposed to be performed perfectly, we are expected to make mistakes as try to create the world from the model we see dimly in our minds. The mistakes we make in life, the cruel and thoughtless things we do, are really the faults of us when we were children.

Our errors do not weight eternally against our soul, and they are not put on our permanent record.

We have been given the freedom to create the reality we experience because we are supposed to learn from it.