Canada's Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life
I think the meaning of life is growth. We are designed to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually on our own and in community with others.

Passing through death isn’t the end of life; its the birth canal to what is really life. The more we’ve grown and developed in this life, the more we will thrive and enjoy what is on the other side.

The Meaning..
Life is falling in love, being able to flick the light switch for the first time, your first kiss. Life is learning and making mistakes, they say when you stop learning or making mistakes, you’re not living anymore.

It’s very easy to talk about what life is, but when you think about the meaning of life there is a lot of uncertainty.

Maybe the meaning of life is to simply reproduce, making sure the human race lives on.

Maybe the meaning of life is to follow the religion your parents taught you, to the best of your abilities, and then receive eternal life.

Maybe our meaning is to evolve ever so slightly, one small step in the grand scheme.

Maybe there is no meaning at all, and we create all these things because we can’t bear the thought of not having a purpose in life, simply living, dying.

In the newspapers, on TV, on the Internet I see people dying, people killing, all the time. There is always war, all for what it seems they feel is the meaning. Whatever is worth dying for? Maybe the meaning of life is passion and freedom. I can live with that.

The Market of Life
Our DNA is made up of the same DNA of the tree. The tree breaths what we exhale, we breath what the tree exhales. We have a common destiny with the tree. No tree grows by itself. Plants will gather around certain trees, and medicines will gather around those certain plants, so if you kill all the trees, then you are detroyinga community, not just a tree.

Our world has become a "market". It is this market, this idea of boundless and endless resources, that we have to deal with. When people say "resources", they mean our family. The trees. The animals. Today, more corporations then countries are making decisions regarding how we treat our earth. What decisions are going to be made on our behalf by "corporate states"? A corporation doesn't care about a tree.

With what is happening today on our earth, to the communities of our family, we are being challenged. All life has now been placed in our hands. I believe that right now, aside from living a happy existence beside the communities of our family, our meaning of life is to assure the longevity of nature, of our families, by caring for the environment on planet earth.

Living Life through the Eyes of a Child
We are on this magnificent planet for only a brief time. In order to fully appreciate and embrace everything that's been given to us, not just here in Canada but around the world, (from natures kaleidoscopic colours to the plethora of birds, animals and plant life), we must be like children. The pure innocence of children and their ability to see the world and to accept people as they are is untarnished. It is through their eyes we can discover the true meaning of life.

Children have unconditional love for one another. With great exitement they share their knowledge, their feelings and their opinions amongst their family and friends, and they naturally help one another in times of need. they do not judge one another until they learn how to judge from family members, television or other sources and it is this pivotal moment when the beauty of life becomes tarnished.

We will always be aimlessly wandering , searching for the true meaning of life until we start living life through the eyes of a child. When we acheive this, we will have discovered the meaning of life.