Austria's Meaning Of Life

True Happiness
Its not about having a bank account full of money, big house with servants, a fancy car or wearing the latest fashion. To feel true happiness and be completely content with life - that is the meaning of life. Learning to enjoy small things in life, that many people take for granted. To watch a newborn baby sleeping, feeling loved in his mothers arms. To sit on a cliff by the ocean watching the waves rise and fall before comming to shore. At night, to be so lucky to see see a falling star crossing the sky. Its not about religion, its about accepting people the way they are. We are all different and we are all beautiful within. To learn from our failures. To enjoy a pretty rainbow after the rain when lightning lights up the sky. To make the world a happier place for all living creatures and the generations to come. The most wonderful things in life are for free, if you just know how to find them. To find that out, is the meaning of life.