Australia's Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life
Only our Creator knows the answer to this question.

In the animal kingdom survival is surely the answer. As humans you would say this also plays a large part, however, I think there is an individual interpretation for each and every one of us.

Life is a lesson..... and everything that we are exposed to, learn or experience during our lifetime be it good or bad has an impact on us and therefore influences our life and makes us the individuals we are.

We can choose to make these experiences negative and to sink into despair or positive and swim, rise up and move forward.

It is how we utilise, what we learn from and how we cope with these events that give us our own "Meaning of Life".

My anser to the Meaning of Life
I think that the meaning of life is to have fun with friends, love your family and be grateful for what ever happens in your life, look forward to the future, don't dwell on the past and just be happy.

A Holistic Answer to the Meaning of Life
1980 was a reflective year where i continiously wondered about the meaning of life.. No convincing or satisfying answers were apparent. Except simply to love one another. Then at a Melbourne Church service a fire and brimstone priest's sermon was about this topic. He said that many pondered this question but is was simple, with only one meaning: "Know, love and serve the lord". He stated this with such strong conviction that it should not be doubted.

At last I had a definitive answer, but what did it mean? this definition does not have to be religious and be interpreted as knowing, loving and serving people. (it also includes self care).

this philosophy can take many forms. It is essentially to have a broad. Compassionate knowledge, and non-judgemental insight and empathy into others plights. To demonstrate love by assisting to improve their lives, where necessary. In a personal professional or voluntary capacity. This can be very fulfilling, giving one a sense of purpose, commitment and happiness. The "lord" can mean and belief in a god but is not necessary.

Sigmund Freud apparently said that love and work were the meaning of life, which still appliees to my defination. If you have a love for working and / or helping others.

What about the other similar often asked questions; Why are humans on earth? is it simply contentment, acheived by the subsequent rewards of applying this meaning of life?

Australia reportedly has the most volunteers in the world, per capita. A 2011 study showed that Australians were also the happiest people in 34 OECD countries.. Another strong indication that assisting others and contentment goes hand in hand.

What is the Meaning of Life?
Inspired by the passing of my Mother and My grazier husband in his love for mother nature and the land.

"Life" is a gift from one to another.

"Life" is the birth the beginning of a journey.

"Life" comes in all different shapes and sizes.

"Life" when fully lived;

It is others who define its meaning. No matter what journey "life" takes. Its meaning is what each individual imparts, Which influences or inspires others. Life's meaning is what your peers define it as. So the meaning of one's life is what you make of it!

Life comes in all shapes and sizes. We watch a plant grow and its meaning is shared by its beauty, or food value. Pets show love for their owner and the pleasures they give to others. A storm is born and its rain gives life or destruction. A cow and their calf is a graziers joy. When we share kindness in whatever form and it is not forgotten. Our peers tell us or others what was the meaning of our life.

So when we talk of Life's Meaning it is what its peers define it as, and what we make of it! So lets make a toast Here is to Life! May yours inspire others!