Global Penfriends offers a free ebook that covers an introduction to penpalling. All members of our website have access to this in the ebook download section. Penpalling is not as simple as just picking up a pen or keyboard and to start writing or typing. Well, it can be that simple - but usually a successful and long term penpal relationship requires patience, dedication and planning. We have compiled a simple penpalling guide that covers most questions we have been asked by our club members since we opened in 1995.

Finding your Penpal
Without a doubt.. Finding the right penpal is the most important part of the penpalling process. It is very important that you choose a penpal that fits into your schedule and meets your needs. Ask yourself some simple questions:

  • How much time do I have for a penpal?
  • What type of penpal do I want?
  • How will I communicate with this penpal?
  • What am I looking for in a Penpal?

If you have not asked yourself these questions already, now is a good time. We have tried to capture the essence of what these questions mean in the short descriptions below:

How Much time?
Depending on your schedule, this will vary from person to person. You should consider how much time you have available to spend on your pen friend activities. Some penpallers require more time than others and whilst the time you spend on pen palling is not important - It is vital you find penpallers with the same needs. For instance, if you can only write once a week, try find a penpal that is also only looking at writing once every week. So its a good idea to ask your penpal early in the relationship what their expectations are.

What type of penpal do I want?
There are many different types of penpals out there. This comes down to the hobbies you are interested in. For example, are you a swapper? Do you collect stamps? Deco's? Do you create Scrap books? As we discussed in the Friendship Books and Swappers section.

How will I communicate with my penpal?
Will you communicate via Snail Mail or electronic methods such as email, MSN Messenger, Skype or some other chat program. There are many options out there and it really depends on the individual. We recommend that all Global Penfriend members make use of our safe and secure internal messaging system until they feel comfortable with their penpals - then you can share personal contact details such as email address and postal address.

What qualities do I want in my prospective pen pal?
This is up to you.. but its important to think about what you want in your penpal. Where should they come from? How old should they be and what gender? What language will you communicate in? You will find most information about your penpals by spending some time looking through their profiles.