Snail mail Penpals

Getting snail mail penpals is easy at Global Penfriends, there are 3 main ways described below.

Internal messaging service

The easiest way to find snail mail penpals is to use the internal messaging system. Simply send a message to a penpal and ask if they are interested in exchanging postal addresses. It is always good ettique for the penpal that initiates the conversation to send the first letter by post. This option is available to all members.

Suprise mail in your Post

Our profile form contains an optional section where you can add your postal address. If you complete this field, your postal address can be accessed by penpals that have snail mail credits. Registering your postal address is a great way to get suprise letters by post from all over the world. Please note that your postal address would not be accessible to everyone - only those contacts that have purchased snail mail credits and have decided to utilise a credit by adding your postal address.

Build a Penpal List using Snail Mail credits

Snail mail credits are available from the upgrade page. They can usually buy 10 credits at a time, 1 credit will give you 1 snail mail address. These credits are separate from premium membership. Only members that have purchased snail mail credits can build a list of penpal names and postal addresses by searching for penpals that have registered a postal address.   Register postal address or snail mail

The advantage of using snail mail credits is that you do not have to wait for a reply message which can take time if the penpal is not signing into the site very often. You simply click on the "Get Postal Address" icon Get snail mail address from the profile page, and the members snail mail address will be added to your Address Book and 1 snail mail credit will be deducted from your account. You can start writing to your penpal immediately.