Being Socially Responsible is our Focus

Global Penfriends is focused on ensuring we provide a platform that benefits society as a whole. For the last 25 years, we have endeavoured not only to provide a great platform to meet international penpals, but to ensure we do it in a manner that contributes to humanity in a positive way.

How is Global Penfriends being socially responsible?

We want your interactions on our club to affect your life in a positive way. We are seeking quality profiles and quality messaging. To achieve quality - We start with safety.

Every profile on Global penfriends is manually reviewed by a human. Every update, every image is also reviewed by a human for content to ensure it is safe for our members consumption. Many users may be surprised to learn that we delete just as many profiles as we let in. Quality and safety is a major focus to achieve our most important objective - to be a socially responsible website.

The human reviewers are assisted with artifical intelligence software which runs in the background, continuously looking for patterns that may indicate non genuine profiles. The system also has carefully implemented limitations to ensure members have the best possible experience.