Track your Snail Mail

We encourage members to log any item sent through the post to their penpals. Every time you send an item (Letters, Postcards, Parcels) to your penpal, you can log the event on Global Penfriends website. Each time you receive an item in the post - you can log this event also. By keeping a track of your post inside the club, this will help you have a record of items you have sent and received.

What to do when sending an item by post?

Once you have sent your item to your penpal, please visit your contacts, favourites or message window and click this icon Log item as sent by post . This will then add an entry to the Post Sent page. The entry will look something like below:

The status of an item is set to "In Transit" where it will remain until the item is logged as received by the recipient.

What to do when you receive an item in the post?

When you receive an item through the post, you should sign into your account at GPF. Click Snail mail >> Post Received. This page will show all the items that have been sent to you. Click on the status toggle and switch the appropriate item from "In transit" to "Received". This will update the senders log also so they know their item has reached its destination.