How to write an Introductory Letter

The most important letter that you will write to a penpal is your first letter, because after all, this letter will determine whether that person responds to you or not. Here are some tips and ideas about what you should include in your first letter.

Do not send mass introductory letters
This is the most common mistake that penpallers make. If there is one thing that you learn from this tour - let it be this point. Sometimes people think the first letter should be a stock standard letter and you can send the same one to everyone on your penpal list or every one in the database. Mass mail sending will have a very poor result. You should take the time to make you letter specific to each person you sent it to. You should already have some details about your prospective penpals, so don't pretend you know nothing about them. Make sure you tell your penpal what it is about their profile that stood out from all the others.

Tell your penpal the essentials
The three things that most affect whether someone will write back a response will be Age, Sex and Location. Make sure you include these 3 vital bits of information.

Tell them where you stumbled across their information
If people are registered on more than one website or club, its always a good idea to let them know where their details were found. Our website has internal messaging, so people will know immediately where you have seen their profile.

Discuss your hobbies and interests briefly
This is a good opportunity for you to get the ball rolling and hopefully trigger something that sounds familiar to the other penpaller. Maybe he/she will have similar interests or find your hobbies interesting to learn about.

Ask some questions
Remember this is not the Spanish inquisition, its just a first letter. Ask some general questions to give your penpal an opportunity to reply. Don't ask personal questions that they may take offence to.. keep it simple. How long have you been horse riding? for example.

How do I finish the letter
Make sure you finish your fiirst letter with something harmless like.. "Yours Sincerely", or "Your friend". Some people can be scared off if you come on too strong and finish with "Love" or "Hugs and Kisses".

Don't try to force people to write back
Its always good to end your first letter by saying that you thank them for their time and that you wish them the best even if they do not wish to correspond to you. You should never make your new penpal feel obligated to reply to your letter. They will reply if they want to and do not need to be told that you "look forward to hearing from them soon" or "I will be most disappointed if I do not receive a reply". Comments like this will have no positive effects.