Family Friendly, Safe for Children

Safety is an important aspect to our club and members. We endeavour to provide a family friendly and safe environment for members of all ages from children to adults.

What should parents of children know?

The club is structured to ensure there is separation between adults and children. Any attempt to contact a minor by an adult is restricted. In fact, adults can't even search for child profiles. We realise this will result in some lost communications between minors and adults - but we would insist that such relationships should be facilitated by local community groups.

Parents should be aware that although they cannot search for children on the site due to safety restrictions - we do have just as many children on the site as adults. Penpalling is a great hobby for children, It helps their writing skills development, provides an opportunity for life long friendships to develop and provides a great platform for cultural and language exchange.

Safety features for children are more enhanced for children. No ads are displayed to children under 13. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to upload pictures of themselves. Children under 13 are asked to upload a picture of their pet or an animal to represent their profile. Child profiles are restricted to contacting others within a limited age bracket around their own age.

Parents should also be aware that we have discounted pricing on all memberships available to children to ensure children can get the most out of the club.

As a teacher - How do I get my students penpals?

Based on our experience, we recommend that teachers have each student create their own profile on GPF. Penpalling is a very personal activity. Each student should be able to search for their own penpals to find a penpal that is compatible with them.